About: A Spending Plan for Kiwi Families

Spending_Plan_only front Cover-1Simply put, a family spending plan creates harmony in your home around the use and
management of money.

Have you ever lain awake at night worrying about money, had family arguments about finances
or found it difficult to discuss your family’s needs and wants? Have you thought about setting
financial goals but haven’t managed to take that step? If any of these things sound like you, you’re
not alone!

Using this toolkit will help you work out a spending plan for everyone in your home. It will help
you have healthy family discussions about money, and help your kids learn skills that will set them
up for the future. Once you have tabs on the where your money needs to be spent, the financial
wellbeing of your family will become less stressful and more secure. You will all become more
financially capable.

You’ll be able to tell money where you want it to go instead of wondering where it went. You’ll
be able to make informed financial decisions. Stress levels won’t rocket when bills or unexpected
expenses arise. There will be less family conflict about money because everyone will have been
involved in setting up the plan. You can also tackle debt and stop it sucking your finances away
from the things that are really important to you.

The Spending Plan for Kiwi Families contains information and Fact-Finding Forms that you can use
to collect information on the income and expenses for your home and for each person who lives
there – even the family pet. These forms provide the figures used on the Master Family Spending
Plan Form at the end of the book.

The key to making your plan work is to get everyone involved and to set up a system using
different bank accounts to make handling the family funds fun and easy.
Don’t envy financially savvy families – be one – and have fun doing it! Just start! You’ll be pleased
you did.