About: New Zealand Household Budget Kit

NZ Household Budget Kit 300dpiThe New Zealand Household Budget Kit provides a solution to creating a Household Spending Plan (also known as a budget) which really works. It works because the kit contains information and individualised Fact-Finding Forms that you can use to accurately workout how much money is required to be spent on each person in the family plus the dwelling lived in and even the family pet. The Fact-Finding Forms are perforated so they can easily be torn out and photocopied to be used over and over again. Once all the costs are worked out the information is loaded onto a Master Household Budget Form. The kit then goes on to show how easy it is to manage your budget using three bank accounts. Another great thing about this kit, is that after doing your research, you will have all the information about your household finances on a few sheets of paper. You will know how much something costs, how often it has to be paid and the date due. Sylvia encourages people to see a budget as a positive thing – a plan to spend money, not a┬áplan that is restrictive, and to think as saving as a plan to accumulate money to spend.


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