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Money Lessons For Life

Silbo Systems was set up by husband and wife team John and Sylvia Bowden in 2006. It was at that time Sylvia developed a passion for helping individuals and families get out of the bondage they were in through lack of basic financial skills. She found that it was not what was being bought home in the pay packet that was the problem, but what people were doing with it that was behind many of the sad cases she was dealing with as a budget advisor and life coach. What she also saw was that the lack of financial intelligence was being passed down from one generation to the next.
In 2008 the first pilot lessons were run with parents and children together.  The classes proved to be hugely successful and was the catalyst for developing group workshops, individual coaching lessons, family workshops and finally turning the workbook manual into a publishable book available for the general public.
On 17 th March 2009 the first book (How to stop your kids from going broke)was launched and is now impacting families around the globe as people come to realise there is tool that can help them. They can then pass the information onto their children so as to help them avoid being one of the financial disaster stories that emerge when financial crisis hit the global economy.
Since then, Sylvia has written her 2 other books (Get out of my pocket and New Zealand Household Budget Kit) and continues to teach money and life skills to small groups and individuals around the country.  Sylvia and John are both  money coaches with (CAP ) Christians Against Poverty and join with others through Bethlehem Baptist Church to teach the CAP Money system. see www.capmoney.org

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