Step One

Step One – Why Learn about Money?

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The chances are that if you don’t know why you need to learn something then you wont be as receptive to learning compared to when you know and understand the reasons of learning. Step one gives an understanding of why we all need to learn about how to handle money and the importance of learning when we are young.
The following is just a small list of some of the topics covered in Step One:

  • Find out what the consequences are if you don’t keep to a contract
  • People learn and remember only what they want to
  • To be financially successful, you need to learn how money works
  • Follow the principles of how to stay financially well
  • The spoken word is very powerful
  • It is best to have open communication with your children about money
  • Money is a tool that you can use to create financial freedom
  • Each dollar is a money seed which can be used to grow more money
  • Ask people who are successful money managers or investors for advice

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