Step Two

Step Two – Transform your thinking

silbo character_flattenedIt seems to be that sometimes, know matter how much budget advice people get, you will often find they go round and round in circles with their finances and lack of money. The question is, why does this happen?

The answer lies in the thinking! 

Lesson Two looks at how peoples thinking can determine where they end up and how their life pans out.

Here is a list of some of the topics covered in Step Two:

  • Your belief system about money influences how you handle it
  • Your beliefs about money have come from your parents, friends, “social stories”, teachers and the media
  • You need to examine your sub conscience to find out what beliefs about money you have.
  • The spoken word is very powerful.
  • Be careful what you say about money and what you say about people who have or don’t have much money
  • Speak the truth out loud
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