With New Zealand families spending $1.14 for every $1 of earnings, it seems clear that How to Stop Your Kids From Going Broke!is the very book our parents needed. But here it is today and this is your chance to do something for your children, and yourself at the same time, by working through its helpful exercises.How to Stop Your Kids From Going Broke! is an outstandingly thorough, fun and, importantly, educational look at all aspects of money from the viewpoint of the ordinary person, seeking to create wealth over time. I have not seen a better book on this topic. It even deals with your attitudes to money and how these affect your ability to save.

This book is both a need (not a want) and an asset (not a liability). Buying it could be the biggest favour you ever do your kids – and yourself.

Graeme Beals
Zenith Publishing Group Ltd.


Sylvia’s contribution was nothing short of brilliant. Her material is relevant, practical and insightful. Sylvia equipped 15 young people over two days with every possible principal around money that they could possibly need to be financially intelligent and to take full responsibility for their finances.


 Kawaha Point Primary School

 Hi Sylvia
Thanks so much for your most interesting and informative presentation. You engaged the audience in a variety of ways, allowing opportunity to discuss and contribute. I have had a number of parents tell me how much they enjoyed the evening and that they have picked up on a number of useful tips. We look forward to future opportunities to host you.
Val Honeyfield

Money Lessons for Life workshop

By Sandra – parent of three children

As a parent I would recommend these finance lessons to every person (child or adult). We learned so many practical and different things about saving, spending and sharing. It is too much to explain. So just do these lessons and you will find it out for yourself.  It brings you freedom and peace. Well done great course. Every home should learn these ‘easy to apply’ principles.

By Job – 10 years old

I learned lots about money and how the bank makes their money……

By Sanne – 12 years old

It is going to be absolutely awesome for when I’m older and even now. I know how to use my money wisely and not to spend it on things I don’t need. I’ve really noticed the difference between a want and a need. I look at the world in a different perspective and see certain things differently. For example when mum goes to the bank I suddenly realise what she is doing and talking about

I understand why money is such a big thing in this world. When I am older I will look back to the money lessons and remind my self of what I have learned


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